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Juli 29., 2005
06:05 pm


Attention: Students, Faculty and Staff
You all should have received notice via owl post a few days ago regarding a memorial service to be hosted at Hogwarts for those unfortunate victims of the recent attack.

The memorial will be held on Hogwarts grounds on Monday, August 1st. There will be a banquet in the Great Hall following the service.

Should yourself or your guardians have any concerns about security at the memorial, please direct them to me.

I look forward to seeing you all.

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Marts 20., 2005
11:06 pm


Severus, will you and Mr. Nott please report to my office as soon as possible. Thank you.

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Marts 10., 2005
04:53 pm


Attn: Arthur Weasley
I would greatly appreciate it if you would stop by my office for a chat about the field trip this evening.

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Februar 1., 2005
03:00 pm


Attn. Draco Malfoy
Though I often hear from Professor Snape how gifted you are in Potions, I hardly expected you to be putting your skills to practical use just yet - and with such a complicated potion!

Please report to my office this afternoon so that we may discuss your potential future in more depth.

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Januar 12., 2005
05:38 pm


To whom it may concern:
I'm sure many of you have had the opportunity to make the acquaintance of Mr. Derac Caraborn, the latest addition to our staff. He is a dear friend of my brother Aberforth, and will be staying here for an undetermined amount of time.

I ask that you do your best to show him as much hospitality as Hogwarts has to offer. Should you have any concerns about careers suggested to you by Mr. Caraborn or any other incidents regarding his advisement, I invite you to come and speak with myself, your own head of House, or any other member of the staff you may feel a particular affinity with.

In the meantime, in your conversations with Mr. Caraborn, do exercise caution when approaching the subject of mummification.

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December 10., 2004
11:11 am


Yuletide Joy.
We have at last secured the circumstances of the students' upcoming adventure. Professor Tonks will be escorting Hogwarts students to London for a day of shopping, wherein they will happily purchase gifts for the partners already joyously assigned to them.

Therefore all of you will be receiving presents this holiday. The partners were chosen carefully, and should yield the utmost in gifts emanating the spirit of the season.

Happy shopping.

Your Jolly Headmaster

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November 28., 2004
03:48 am


Private Entry
Well. It has been quite a night.

In my many years of experience with prophecies and the art of reading the future, I have rarely encountered an evening of such prominence as this one. I imagine the centaurs are having quite a time of predicting our demise tonight. The stars do not hide such things, and it will be told across the skies.

When I first realised Harry would be staying in the house alone, the thought had occurred to me that he may stumble upon some bit of information relating to Mrs. Black, and the substance from which she was truly made. But never did I expect for him to learn quite so much, and piece it together quite so well. I'm positive that she did not either, or I rest assured Sirius Black would still be quite dead.

I suppose Harry is quite good at riddles, after all.

And now he has made a sacrifice. A very important sacrifice. He has sacrificed his blood, the blood imbued with the power of the ancient magic his mother used to save his life. The blood filled with the same magic as the evil that wishes to kill him - the blood which shares properties with that nearly-immortal substance which runs through Tom Riddle.

It is all coming full circle. Lily's sacrifice, Tom's ambition, and Harry's love have wrought something so powerful, so ancient, that he was able to bring his godfather back from the Black veil.

And on the same eve of something so powerfully stirring, a new threat rises.

Lucius, the morning star of the new evil. I hope that they are well prepared for you when you come. If you attempt to take my place.

The castle will be waiting.

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August 20., 2004
02:42 pm


You will each note that your Head of House is in charge, and can be looked to for questions during the ball, with the exception of Hufflepuff. Professor Sprout has been forced to make a last minute trip home, and will not be attending the ball. Professor Trelawney has been kind enough to agree to take her place for the time being, however. Therefore, you will note that:

Professor Mcgonagall will field any questions for Gryffindors
Professor Flitwick will be in charge of Ravenclaws
Professor Trelawney should be remembered as the temporary Professor in charge of Hufflepuff
and Professor Snape shall be ever so pleased to assist any Slytherins in need.

The pairing list is as follows:

Ella Weaver- Nikolas Pembleton
Parvati Patil- Lysander Edgeworth
Katarina Evanla - Blaise Zabini
Fred Weasley- Hermione Granger
Pansy Parkinson- Harry Potter
Daphne Greengrass- Zacharias Smith
Ron Weasley- Millicent Bullstrode
Theodore Nott - Delta DeVarae
Terry Boot- Morgana Vendvmagli
Colin Creevey- Brandy Brocklehurst
Mandy Brocklehurst- Delano Waitrose
Aaliyah LeFaye - Max Pullman
Seth DeMorte- Cho Chang
Mortale Peccato- Lavender Brown
Neville Longbottom - Luna Lovegood
Ryan MacDougall- Lisa Turpin
Raine Zakrzewski - Draco Malfoy
Lorelei Montambault - Seamus Finnigan
Leora Lenox- Ernie MacMillian
George Weasley- Rachaeeeeeeeel
Ginny Weasley - Michael Corner

Any questions that cannot be answered by a professor may, of course, be fielded to me.

I wish you all a splendid evening.

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Juli 7., 2004
02:49 pm


Attn: Students
Mssrs Weasley, Potter and Malfoy have been found and taken to Hogwarts.

We will be returning to the castle shortly. Please prepare to leave the campsite.

Thank you.

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Juni 30., 2004
06:24 pm


Attention students:
The staff of Hogwarts will be taking the students on a Muggle camping trip.

Please begin packing anything you feel will be necessarry for the trip.

The tent lists will be posted within the next few hours.

We will be leaving early tomorrow morning, and your wand will be collected by your head of House as you leave the castle.

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